Joss Stone The Soul Sessions Vol 2

We are proud to present to you a little sample of  our design for Joss Stone’s latest album. A sequel to her debut almost a decade ago we were supplied and original painting from Mr.G.V.Zoella to work with this cover. We took the intricate swirls to develop her new logotype and worked them around the imagery and album packaging.

Available in a standard, deluxe and vinyl editions its on sale now and you can get it here

Shown with permission from S-Curve Records and Stoned Records.

T-Line Safety System

Australian based engineers and inventors at Meridian Safety have come up with a new and innovative fall prevention device needed to stand out amongst its trusted competitors. Safer and easier to use being two handy USP’s, we’ve developed some striking safety graphics to support the product.

Dig Deep – Mining For Charity

On a trip to Australia, we did a bit of work with renowned branding and design firm Egg Design Group.

For this particular project, a Mining Chairman’s boy was the inspiration for helping young kids in need. This charity provided a platform for the Mining community give back a bit with fund-raisers organised throughout the year in aid of the kids. A simple concept where the medium dictated how deep our little miner digs.

This was another logo we were proud to have published in Los Logos 4.