The re-opening of a legend

Once a famous hangout of the swinging 60’s in London. The Scotch of St James has been remade and reopened to create a few more stories like the one when Jimi Hendrix played his first UK gig there.

The famous Tartan interiors and stags head and swords that once adorned the walls are back in place in the beautifully design space. These are represented in the new logotype we created for them. The classic request of a traditionally modern logo we kept the crest by the books and mixed it up with the modern Scotch typography beneath.

TheScotch TheScotch2


Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition Rebrand

Some may argue that dealing with waste management but somebody’s got to do it. The Recycling and Waste Management Show was merging with their biggest competitor to deliver the best of both their offerings.

Pitching against some of the big boys in Marketing and design, we beat them with a strategic answer that embraced the 100+ years of history of the show and brought them into the 21st Century. using recycled papers (of course) and reorganising the large amounts of information to appear with the mark with a consistent typographic style.

Original Logo…


New Logo…





Were in Los Logos again

We are absolutely chuffed to report that our identity for Wecredo has been selected for publishing in Die Gestalten’s publication “Los Logos 6” This identity represents an online community of artists which is still being worked on right now so I cant tell you any more but here’s what it looks like at least. Art being so diverse, no one logo can sum up this global community without leaving someone out. So we developed a logo the flicks it’s paint at stuffy style guidelines and lets the members of the community do with it as they please to create a new masterpiece (or master logo should I say) everytime.CousinsDesign_Wecredo Wecredo3


Sportsmax Agencies  The Ultimate Sports Distribution Agent

Sportsmax are a new Australian Business servicing sports brands and their distribution needs.

Sports people themselves, they not only understand the products they distribute and the importance of quality gear, they bring a sporting team spirit to the table offering unrivalled service to their clients

Our client here isn’t known to do things by halves hence his nickname “Max”. This provided the inspiration for this company name over the many others brainstormed. The resulting identity, like its name conveys maximum sportiness with the custom script typography and classic sports colours.

Northern Iron

We collaborated with our friends at The Hatchery to come up with this little number.

A Norwegian exploration company needed an identity to look the part in their quest to float on the stock market. Based on the North Star, and their national flag, Northern Iron exudes a strong confident attitude, proud of it roots. The publication Los Logos 4 didn’t mind it either.